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Individual Psychotherapy

​Psychodynamic Therapy is one of three therapeutic modalities (next to Behavior Therapy and Psychoanalysis) that are officially state-recognized in Germany. Based on scientific efficacy studies (Clarkin et al., 2007; Leichsenring et al., 2004, 2008; Shedler, J., 2010) Psychodynamic Therapy has been shown to be effective for:

​From a psychodynamic point of view, we are the way we are because of the impact that others have had on us. And the only way that people really change is through the experiences they have with other people. This focus on relationship is what makes psychodynamic therapy stand above other therapies. In contrast to other types treatments psychodynamic therapy doesn't solely focus on symptom reduction. The goal of the therapy I offer is also to foster positive growth of the emotional capacities which make possible a satisfying life. These include the capacity to create more fulfilling relationships, to maintain a stable and realistically based sense of self-esteem, tolerate the wider range of emotions and generally to understand oneself and others in more emotionally nuanced and useful ways.

​As a therapist trained in relational and psychodynamic psychotherapy, I would like to assist you in finding your unique path to living a more fulfilled and actualized life. This process is different for each person, a creative process that is cultivated through the therapeutic relationship.

​Individual psychotherapy can be constructive, when you recognize that despite your best efforts, you are stuck in repetitive distressing patterns that prevent you from feeling satisfied and reaching your full potential in your intimate relationships and career. Other reasons may be recurring emotional difficulties (e.g. depression, anxiety, low self-esteem), painful and traumatic experiences or acute crisis. No matter what brings you into therapy I will adjust my work accordingly to meet your specific needs. I will collaborate with you to find a way of working that feels comfortable and effective. I will help you to identify the thoughts, feelings and patterns in your life that are keeping you in the place of pain and block you from living the life you want.


In critical life transitions one can feel disoriented or even desperate. This may trigger the wish for professional support and advice, in absence of a distinct mental health concern. In such a case, Counseling can be a sensible alternative to individual psychotherapy. The advantage for you is that the appointments can be adapted (in number and frequency) completely to your individual needs and wishes. Within a time-limited framework we will explore new approaches to the existing problems and develop suitable solutions.

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